Friday, February 25, 2005

Riley Fox case – latest developments

It was reported today that defense attorneys for Kevin Fox, the father of Riley Fox and the man accused of killing her, asked that DNA testing in the case be handled by an “independent laboratory”. The prosecution and the judge agreed. DNA testing will be performed by the same laboratory that handled DNA identification of the 9/11 victims. This development comes after defense attorneys made a motion (which was granted) to preserve the blood that was found on Riley Fox’s body.

I’ve written about this case before, here.

I’m happy about these events of course. It means that we may be one step closer to the truth about what really happened to Riley Fox.

But my question is this; why does this kind of thing have to be “requested” by the defense (or the prosecution)? Shouldn’t it be automatic? I would think that ANY case where DNA may play a part, however small, should automatically have DNA evidence preserved and tested. And it should be tested by at least two independent labs so that the chance of error or fraud is minimized. Think about it. We have a crime, in this case a horrendous murder. DNA evidence can point to (or eliminate) suspects (remember the Rolando Cruz case). Everyone involved should want this (unless they’re guilty or have an agenda).

But nobody objected, so I guess its progress…

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