Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lyn Tinsley – Farewell and Rest in Peace

Yesterday I attended a memorial service for Lyn Tinsley, longtime Libertarian activist in Illinois and longtime teacher and defender of the underdog.

Lyn was one of the founding members of the Libertarian Party of Illinois (LPI). She passionately believed in the party and what it stood for and never wavered in the cause. She was always there to help, when healthy and when on crutches and, even in her last days, in a wheelchair dying from lung cancer.

I knew Lyn, though I wasn’t all that close to her. The last time I saw her was in late October of 2002. I was the campaign manager for Cal Skinner’s run for governor of Illinois. Our volunteer coordinator had failed to find us a truck driver to deliver some signs so the job fell to me. I remember bringing a 4’x8’ sign to her house so that she could display it in her front yard. The last time I spoke to her was last October when she called to enlist my help in Scott Bludorn’s congressional campaign.

Lyn was always focused on the long-view and refused to get involved in the infighting that went on in the party from time to time. She had taken on the role of elder statesman (statesperson for you PC types). Several people spoke at her memorial service yesterday including her sister and it was wonderful to hear their words. Several photographs of her, in all phases of her life, were displayed. Also certificates were displayed, showing the various causes and projects she had worked on. Very few of us knew until yesterday that she was a member of Mensa. It was typical of Lyn that she never bragged about it.

All of us will miss her. Rest in Peace Lyn, you have surely earned it.

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