Monday, April 11, 2005

Week 1 – Victory

A good start for my Fantasy Baseball team, winning the first week. Hey, I have a perfect record! Last year, I didn’t win my first game until the fourth or fifth week. It was close, I won by less than 5 points. But hey, as they say, a win is a win.

Player wise, I had only 2 disappointments, Melvin Mora and Edgar Rentaria, each accumulating only 8 points. Jorge Posada was also a minor disappointment, accumulating only 11 points. I have AJ Pierzynski in reserve – he accumulated 14 points, and I may consider switching them at some point. But with AJ sitting out Monday, I’ll keep Jorge in there for the time being.

On the plus side, Brian Wilkerson garnered 25 points while Brian Roberts (who I wasn’t all that happy to have had drafted for me) garnered 37 points. For pitching, Jason Schmidt was my hero, getting 2 wins and 54.5 points. He was the guy who really put me over the top.

Pickups this week included Kevin Brown and Kris Benson. Though they are both on the injured list, I think both are good gambles. If either one of them works out, I’ll have another mound stud. I also picked up Kevin Millwood who, if the critics are right, is due to have a big year in Cleveland.

And I also picked up Dustin Hermanson. I’m a bit worried about Shingo Takatsu being an effective closer for the White Sox. The hitters started getting to him in the latter part of last year.

So, 1-0.

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