Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Lost Liberty Hotel - Supreme Payback

A friend of mine called today to let me know of something he had just heard on the Rush Limbaugh show; that an effort is being organized to attempt to build a hotel on the property containing Supreme Court Justice David Souter's home.

The only word for this is BRILLIANT.

David Souter is one of the Justices who ruled that it is OK for communities to take private property from homeowners in order to benefit another private owner if there is a tax benefit to be expected for the community. If Justice Souter actually loses his home to a private developer and is forced to move because of this Supreme Court decision, it would rank as one of the greatest paybacks of all time.

Details are still sketchy as this is breaking news, but what details there are can be found here.

I love it, I absolutely love it...

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