Monday, July 04, 2005

Deep Impact - Mission Accomplished

It's now nearly 2:00am Central Time and I've just turned off the TV. I'd been watching coverage of the Deep Impact space mission on the NASA channel (thanks, DirecTV). Mission Accomplished - a direct hit on the comet Tempel 1.

Everything we can learn about Comets and Asteroids is a good thing, something that may mean our lives one day. I don't know who said it first (I first heard it from Larry Niven, the SF Author), but it's true; "The reason the dinosaurs are extinct is that they didn't have a space program." Comets and Asteroids have hit us in the past causing global catastrophes, and are certainly going to target us in the future. If we don't learn how to find them and then either destroy them or alter their orbits away from impacting earth, they can cause planet-wide devastation that makes "Global Warming" look like a picnic.

Well done NASA and JPL - Congratulations...

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