Friday, July 08, 2005

Way to go Jay...

As longtime readers know, I'm not a big fan of Jay Leno. While he certainly is funny, I think his humor is often mean-spirited and too often attacks people when they're down. I wrote earlier about how, IMHO, his continual acid-tongued attacks on Prince Charles and his new bride-to-be stepped far over the line of good taste.

Tonight though, while flipping channels, I caught the end of his monologue. He closed it by talking about how the Brits have always been America's staunch allies, standing by us no matter what. And he expressed his sympathy and pain caused by today's terrorist attacks in London. It was a very classy statement and I salute him for it.

I agree with him completely. The Brits ARE our friends. Statesmen on both sides of the Atlantic have opined that "there are no permanent allies, only permanent interests" and, in general, I agree with this. But Britain is a special case. Because of our shared history and our shared values, it is a rare situation, indeed, where we and the Brits are at odds. The last time I think this happened, over any issue of substance, was in the 1950’s regarding control of the Suez Canal. Prior to that was probably the War of 1812. I count many Brits as my friends and I join Jay and countless other Americans as we express our solidarity with the British people, our sympathy for the families who are now suffering because of these atrocities, and our rage at the terrorists who have attacked them in such a cowardly manner.

Great Britain is a country that, not so long ago, withstood the Nazi blitz, an all-out terror attack on their country by another nation-state. Today’s bombings will have no effect on British policy and will only stiffen British resolve.

Thanks, Jay, for your comments this evening.

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