Monday, September 26, 2005

Hitchens – Galloway debate on the War in Iraq

On September 14th, C-SPAN broadcast a debate on the Iraq war between columnist Christopher Hitchens, a supporter of the War in Iraq, and British Parliament member George Galloway, an opponent of the War in Iraq. It’s been re-broadcast a few times and I was able to finally catch it last night.

I’m a fan of Christopher Hitchens and have read several of his books and many of his columns. I also agree, more or less, with his position that America and Britain were right to invade Iraq and remove Saddaam Hussein (though now I think we’ve worn out our welcome and should leave as quickly as possible). But certainly the best line of the night had to belong to George Galloway who, when, responding to a comment about “foreign fighters in Iraq” asked rhetorically “which province in Iraq does General Meyers come from?”

This debate, between two British citizens (though Mr. Hitchens now has dual-citizenship with the UK and the USA) was markedly different from one you would normally see in the US. It was, at times, savage. Both sides had no problem with attacking the character of the other, though Mr. Galloway reverted to gutter criticisms far more often than Mr. Hitchens did.

IMHO, Mr. Hitchens won the debate, but perhaps that's just my bias showing.

I don’t know if or when it will be broadcast again on C-SPAN. I did searches on their schedule but was unable to find it. However, you can go here and view the debate in its entirety. An unofficial transcript of the debate, along with some comments about it, can be found here.

Highly recommended, both for its intellectual value and its entertainment value.

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