Wednesday, September 07, 2005

News from Afghanistan - Part 6

The latest missive from my wife’s niece…
Hi Uncle Ted!

I got two more parcels filled with candy, pens, and stuffed animals today! Thank you so much! By far Auntie Lynn sends me the highest quality and cutest stuffed animals. It's nice to get the dinosaurs for the boys instead of a plushy rabbit, although they never seem to complain! :)

Of course, thank you for the Sweetarts. I have to eat them in my room because people know I usually have them and they keep trying to bum them off me! What a bunch of mooches, I don't mind sharing, but some seem to think I'm their own personal supplier!

The timing is great. We leave for a MEDCAP soon, so it is really a perfect time to hand out pens, candy and stuff. Thanks again for everything!

As a personal request, we are Nip/Tuck junkies and the last season was a real cliffhanger. We're on the edge of our seats for the third season! Is there anyway, with your high-speed entertainment system, that you could record the show for us? It is supposed to start September 20 on FX. We would be forever in your debt if you could supply us with the third season installments as they show!

Thanks Uncle Ted!

The request for the Nip/Tuck episodes is karma, no doubt about it. When I lived in Saudi Arabia in the 1980’s, there was no way for most of us to watch NFL games. There were only two TV channels, and the only sports you would see were soccer and American Wrestling (they LOVED American Wrestling shows). So, my parents taped the games and mailed them to me. As anyone who has worked in Saudi Arabia knows, any and all videotapes entering the country are subject to seizure and review. They are viewed by “those in charge” to make sure there is nothing objectionable in them and then forwarded on to the recipient. It added another week or two to the delivery process so I’d usually see the games 3-4 weeks after they occurred. But they were always nice to get and we’d have NFL gameday parties anyway, even though we already knew the outcome. Sometimes, however, the authorities would accidentally mix up the tapes. Once we got to watch a Sudanese wedding party instead of the NFL game. Joy.

There was one season in Saudi Arabia, however, when I was able to watch 3 of the playoff games, live. It was in the glorious year of 1985 when the Bears went all the way. I played on the AT&T Softball team because the Bank I worked at didn’t have enough players to make up their own team. AT&T, being AT&T, had their own satellite facilities, and, as a member of their softball team, I was invited to all of the playoff game parties. Saudi Arabia is 6-7 hours ahead of Chicago time, so the parties would wind down about daybreak. I was always the ONLY Bear fan – everyone else absolutely hated them. I still fondly remember all of the playoff games, especially the SuperBowl rout of New England. Everyone there knew I was the lone Bear fan and they were giving me major grief in the first quarter when New England actually appeared to be in the game. By the end of the first half, however, they were all quiet. And, by the time the 4th quarter started, I was the only one still there – everyone else had given up and gone home. It was WONDERFUL…

So yes, Reiko, I’ll record your Nip/Tuck episodes and include them along with the other stuff I’m sending you. I’m sure I’m violating a copyright notice of some kind, but it’s for a good cause. Enjoy, and stay safe…

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