Sunday, September 25, 2005

Southside – bending but not breaking?

Go Sox – two wins in a row against Minnesota. This is very much double-plus good. Two very solid pitching performances; Contreras and Garcia both coming through. And, what can you say about Juan Uribe? He still struggles at the plate, but his defense has been unbelievable. I think it’s one of the unsung reasons that the Sox are where they are now. He’s such a huge improvement over Jose Valentin. Valentin has a great arm and occasionally would make the spectacular play. But he would boot the easy ones too. Uribe makes them all. He and Iguchi are a HUGE step up from Valentin and Harris from last year.

So, 8 games left. They’re still 1&1/2 up in the division chase – Cleveland just refuses to lose. They’re also up 3 in the Wild Card. But this means that if Cleveland, the Yankees and the Red Sox win out, the Sox still have to win at least one game in Cleveland in the year-end series.

It’s funny. A couple of months ago, sportswriters were saying that the wild card team would come from either the East or West divisions. Odds are now that it will come from the Central.

I still miss Frank Thomas. With the funk that Carl Everett has been in, But Frank would sure be nice to have around right now…

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