Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Southside – closing in on the playoffs

There was a real intensity to the White Sox in tonight’s game. Unlike previous games in this series, they were finally able to cash in on the threats they created. They brought in runs by stacking together hits and via the long ball – both good to see. And what can you say about Contreras? That guy has turned into a real Ace. I wrote before about how Ozzie’s pitching schedule had Brandon McCarthy going in the last regular-season game and I was worried that, if a win in that game was necessary it would be an awful lot of pressure on a rookie. Well, assuming that the Sox get to the post-season, this same pitching schedule will setup with Contreras pitching the first game – a great way to start a series.

So, one more win to clinch a wild-card spot and two more wins (or Cleveland losses) to clinch the division. The Devil Rays have done what all Sox fans had hoped for – played the spoiler against Cleveland, in Cleveland no less. Lou Pinella, I love you.

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