Monday, September 26, 2005

Southside – nothing is easy

With a win tonight, the Sox could have gone 3 up in the loss column and a full 3 games up with only 6 left to play. But I guess that would have been too easy. I have very few fingernails left…

John Garland pitched well, giving up only 3 runs, but he did give up the lead twice. The way he’s handcuffed the Tigers this year, I guess he was finally due to lose one. But it was painful nevertheless. White Sox bats didn’t do too much either. They hit into 3 double-plays, had two men on in the 8th with no outs but couldn’t score and the leadoff man on in the 9th but couldn’t score then either. And then Politte gives up the walk-off to a leadoff man, a kid from Chicago no less.

So, 6 games left for the White Sox, Indians, Yankees and Red Sox. The saving grace for the White Sox may be that the Red Sox and Yankees are playing each other this weekend. Assuming that one of those teams doesn’t sweep the other, the Sox should need only 4 wins to get into the playoffs. Of course, now that I think about it, the saving grace for the Yankees and the Red Sox is that the White Sox are playing Cleveland this weekend, too.

You have to handle it to the schedule makers. The two teams fighting it out for their division championships in both the East and Central are playing each other this weekend – that’s pretty good scheduling.

One other comment; Brandon McCarthy goes tonight for the Sox. Assuming that Ozzie keeps his 5 man rotation, this also means that McCarthy will pitch on the last day of the season – in a game that will, in all likelihood, be a must-win. A lot of pressure on a rookie. I’d rather see Contreras pitch that game, but I guess it’s not to be.

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