Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Southside setback…

Due to technical difficulties at Comcast, the first 6+ innings of the Sox-Cleveland game was not shown on TV. But, there didn’t seem much to miss. Cleveland won 8-0. So, the Sox are up by 2&1/2 with 11 games left to play. 7 of those games are with Minnesota and Cleveland. They can certainly still win it, but they’ve made it very hard for themselves.

Cleveland’s Travis Hafner has shown what a big-time hitter can do. He was 7 for 12 in the series with 4 home runs, 3 doubles and 10 RBI. That’s producing in the clutch. You know, the Sox REALLY miss Frank Thomas. The thing I like most about him is that he can hit any pitcher, even on that pitcher’s best day. Right now, it doesn’t seem like the Sox have anyone who can do that. They only had 5 hits tonight, all of them singles. And, once again their pitching failed them.

Tomorrow Minnesota comes to town. Though they’re out of it this year, for a change, you just know that they would love to win this series 3-1 or 4-0. There’s no love lost between these two teams and I’m sure that Minnesota would rather see Cleveland win the division than the Sox. Their pitcher in the first game is Johan Santana, 4-0 against the Sox this year and in the running for another Cy Young award. Ozzie Guillen has finally given up on El Duque and starts the kid, Brandon McCarthy. I hope he’s up to it because it’s a sure bet that the Sox will not score many runs against Santana.

And, as an aside, the Yankees have now overtaken Boston. Their starting pitching is finally clicking on all cylinders and they still have the best closer in the game. If the Yankees stay in front and Cleveland just barely overtakes the White Sox, this could set up an interesting Wild Card scenario – White Sox vs. Red Sox. Wouldn’t a one game playoff between the two for the Wild Card spot be something? You heard it here first…

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