Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sox clinch – finally…

Good pitching, timely hitting and overcoming a shaky 9th inning added up to the Sox winning the game and the division today. It’s odd that they are able to clinch after having a “Magic Number” of 2, and Cleveland not yet playing today. But the way it was explained in the AP report:
Chicago clinched because Cleveland can at best tie the White Sox, and no team can finish second in another division with 96 wins or more. If the AL Central is decided by a tiebreaker, it would go to the White Sox, who beat the Indians 11-5 in the season series, and Cleveland would be the wild card.
So, I’m not sure I understand all that, but I guess I don’t care – the Sox have won the division and will open up the playoffs at home next week – their opponent yet to be determined. It could be the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Indians or the Angels.

How well do I see them doing in the playoffs? I think it’s going to come down to their relief pitching. It’s been shaky as of late and, if the Sox have an Achilles heel, this could be it. Their starting pitching is solid as is their defense and their hitting is adequate. If the bullpen can do it’s thing, the Sox could go very deep in the playoffs and have a real chance to win the World Series.

But for now, time to just enjoy the Division championship, their 4th in 22 years.

Go Sox!!

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