Sunday, October 23, 2005

News from Afghanistan - Part 8

I received another email from my wife's neice today. My Nip/Tuck recordings are making it through OK and evidentally are being much enjoyed. I hope FX doesn't mind... Here's her email;
I just got episode 3 in the mail yesterday, along with the hygiene kits Auntie Lynn put together! Thanks for all the stuff, they will be greatly appreciated!

Spent a couple of days at Bagram while they were drawing funds for different projects. Bagram Air Field is one of the places that is to nice to visit, but only for a short time. After about 4 hours I’m bored stiff. They never stock anything good at the PX (Army’s version of Wal-Mart), and the rest of the time you spend avoiding the “Nazi Uniform Police” who like to gripe at you for petty uniform infractions. I was asked why my uniform looked like it was in such terrible shape and I replied, “Because I actually go out of the wire.” Most of the people stationed at Bagram never leave the base and just lounge around going to the gym and eating Burger King. I don’t have a lot of patience or respect for people who are on a “combat deployment” who get to take Karate Lessons, go to the gym three times a day and go to party every night at the makeshift club they have set up and then want to get after me because they feel my uniform needs to be ironed!

Not much else to say right now. It’s been fairly quiet here. We have a MEDCAP and VETCAP in a week, so that will be interesting. I’ve never helped the veterinarians before, so that will be an interesting change of pace!

Hope everything is good back home! I wish I could have come down for a visit when my Mom stopped by! I sure miss OberWeiss ice cream!

I guess there are bureaucrats everywhere. I can just see some of these "Armchair soldiers" doing nothing dangerous at all and at the same time can't wait to get home to impress all their friends with stories of their "battlefield heroics".

Stay safe Reiko...

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