Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not a good start...

Not much mystery in the Sox’s loss tonight. The Angels executed when they had to and the Sox didn’t, simple as that. When the Angels needed a sacrifice in the 3rd, Figgins came through for them, putting men on 2nd and 3rd. Both of them eventually scored. The Sox failed, twice, to execute the sacrifice. The Angels were 1 for 1 in Stolen Base attempts while the Sox were 0 for 2. The Sox and the Angels play very similar ball, but tonight the Angels just did it better.

Contreras pitched very well and he deserved to win that game. But you really have to tip your hat to Paul Byrd. Doing what he did on just 3 days rest, coming off games in 3 cities in 3 time zones in 3 days is really sucking it up.

So now it’s on to game 2. I sure hope Buerhle is up to the challenge. With the road record the Sox have, game 2 is not, strictly speaking, a must-win game for them. But if they fall behind in the series 2-0, they are really up against it. This isn’t the Tigers or the Indians or even the Red Sox. As I’ve said before, the Angels are a terrific team.

I really, really miss Frank Thomas…

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