Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sox playoff chances...

After all the agonizing that I and every other Sox fan went through in the past 6 weeks, it sure was nice to see how they played their year-end series with Cleveland. This was the White Sox of the first-half of the season; a team with outstanding pitching, outstanding defense and clutch, two-out hitting. We’ve come to expect Contreras to give us quality starts, but the way that Buehrle, Garcia and Garland have thrown recently, I had to wonder if they had been replaced by their evil twins. Fortunately, they seem to be back and, because of that, I think the Sox have a real chance in the playoffs.

I listened to Joe Morgan tonight for a while and he talked about the upcoming White Sox – Red Sox series and he declared that the White Sox should be considered the favorites. I agree. Despite the Red Sox’ big advantage in hitting, I think that the White Sox pitching will carry them through. No guarantees, of course. If the Boston hitters get locked in, then look out. But I think that a combination of iffy Boston pitching, both starting and relieving, and solid White Sox pitching should carry the day. I see this series going 5 games; I wish it was a 7 game series as this would make the White Sox pitching and defense advantage even more pronounced, but 5 games it is.

The Yankees – Angels series should be a helluva battle, too. On paper, the Angels have the advantage. And, many of them have been there before, having won it all just a few years ago. They have a great manager and, like the White Sox, have recovered from a late season swoon and are playing good baseball again. This, too, should go 5 games and I’m picking the Angels, though I’m certainly not placing any money on it.

The White Sox in the playoffs. Two months ago, they looked like a lock. Two weeks ago, I was terrified that they would fall off the cliff. But they righted the ship just in time.

Go Sox!

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