Saturday, November 19, 2005

2006 season White Sox Moves - Part 2

The off-season moves continue for the 2006 White Sox. World Series game 3 hero Geoff Blum is returning to San Diego, the team the White Sox acquired him from. The Sox will miss him. Though he didn’t get a lot of at-bats, he could play a decent infield and outfield, was a switch-hitter and a smart base-runner. Why would he want to leave the World Champions? Probably because he didn’t see a lot of at-bats coming in 2006, either.

The Sox have re-signed Pablo Ozuna. This guy is an interesting story. He’s Mr. Versatility, having played every position in the big leagues except for pitcher and catcher. He’s bounced around some, having originally signed with the Cardinals, then going to the Marlins, the Rockies, signed by the White Sox (in 2004), then the Tigers and then the White Sox again. He showed good hitting skills in the 2005 spring training season, good enough to win a spot on the club. In 203 at bats, he compiled a .276 batting average – pretty respectable for a part-time player.

No solid news on either the Paul Konerko or Frank Thomas fronts. I’m sure Paulie is hearing some mighty fine offers from other teams, but I hope he re-signs with the Champs. He should ask Pudge Rodriguez about what it’s like to go from a World Series winner to a wanna-be; it ain’t easy…


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