Tuesday, November 29, 2005

24 years later, will justice finally be served?

Today, DuPage County States Attorney Joe Birkett announced the indictment of Brian Dugan for the rape and murder of Jeanine Nicarico nearly 24 years ago.

I’ve written about this incredible miscarriage of justice before, most recently here.

I applaud Mr. Birkett for finally moving forward with this charge and can only wish it had happened much, much sooner. The evidence against Dugan has been there for a long time, including a confession he made in 1985 (and corroborated by passing a polygraph test). Mr. Birkett, unfortunately, is also the one who tried Rolando Cruz for this crime, even though DNA evidence had ruled Cruz out, so he shouldn’t feel too good about himself for finally moving the wheels of justice forward.

Anyone who has paid attention to this case cannot help but have grave doubts about the integrity of our criminal justice system. Nevertheless, justice may finally be served here. It’s about time…

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