Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mission accomplished – take 2

Several months ago, I wrote that it was my belief that it was time to end the Iraqi occupation. Not because we went in for the wrong reasons (though in hindsight, they certainly are suspect), not because I think our troops are unable to militarily win engagements and certainly not because all of a sudden I’ve decided to agree with such hypocrites as Michael Moore, Al Franken, Barbara Streisand and others of their ilk. No, the reason I think it’s time to leave is that our being there in a military mode is now doing more harm than good.

Since I wrote this, I’ve seen nothing that changes my opinion. Indeed, time has only strengthened it. The reasons are still the same;

1) We remove our troops from harms way
2) We would develop one and perhaps two new friends in the region
3) We would save a ton of money
4) More oil would be available on the international market
5) We remove a large recruiting incentive from the Islamic fanatics
6) We keep the hammer of “if you threaten us, we will remove you from power”

Anyone who is interested in a more detailed explanation of these reasons can visit my previous posting.

Today, Congressman John Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, said essentially the same thing. His speech can be found here. This guy is no panty-waist. He’s a decorated Vietnam War vet (2 purple hearts) and has “been there” and “done that”. He, too, feels that we’re causing more harm than good by staying. His speech is a must-read and has already been attacked by the Neo-cons…

Iraqi elections are coming up next month – these to elect new representatives and a new government. I think we should use that opportunity to announce a pullout date, one that would occur within 6 months of that date.

What will happen to Iraq if we bring our troops home? I really don’t know. I suspect that Iraq will fracture into 3 separate countries (Kurdistan, “Sunni-stan” and “Shia-stan”). This would be initially bloody, but it would be Iraqi’s dying, not Americans (or Brits or Aussies, etc.). At some point the civil war would stop, probably when all sides realize that none of them can win. Or perhaps they’ll stay together as a unified Iraq (though I would take long odds against it). Either way, Saddam Hussein has been removed from power, Iraq’s (non-existent) WMD program is gone and it’s no longer a threat to its neighbors.

Let’s end this before it gets any worse…

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