Friday, November 18, 2005

News from Afghanistan – Part 10

I received another email from Reiko, currently stationed with an Army MEDCAP Unit, in Ghazni Afghanistan.

OK everyone… People who all know me are aware that I never like to request anything for myself, and I’m not the best one to market or sell anything, but here goes my best attempt. I am asking for help in the form of donations to help bring home a dog that I have grown to love since being in Afghanistan. I have been taking care of Snoop for the past two months and I’ve decided that if I bring home one good thing from this country, I would like it to be her.

Snoop has had quite a life, survived many ordeals, and I can honestly say she is the only bright spot for me here in Afghanistan. She gives me something to care for, love and gives me a companionship that reminds me of the warmth of home. Snoop was raised by the 1/116 (Virginia Reservists) medics from a pup. When they found her abandoned, she was so weak and sickly that they had to bottle feed her until she was strong enough to eat on her own. Some of them attempted to bring her home before they left Afghanistan, but the burden of the cost was more than they could afford.

When the 1/116 left Afghanistan, Snoop was once again orphaned, relying on the kindness of soldiers who would occasionally take pity on her and feed her a few scraps of food. As selfish as it sounds, I hoped someone else would take care of her because I knew I would become attached to her. When the mandate from our FOB Commander came down that all dogs on the FOB were to be killed, the 82D MP’s took her 200 km away in the hopes she would have a chance of survival rather than be executed at our own hands.

Unbelievably, Snoop made it back to the Ghazni PRT three weeks later! She crossed mine fields, high traffic roads, and probably some very cruel individuals who do not value the companionship of a dog. Once again, Snoop bounced from home to home; often digging for scraps in the trash can around the FOB and sleeping under tents and bunkers at night. She was in such terrible shape, that I begged our officer to let me take care of her. Luckily she has an incredible love for animals and agreed that we needed to take care of her.

Through a combined effort of all the medics, we took Snoop into our Aid Station and began caring for her. Snoop was very weak and lethargic, and we didn’t know how to treat her. My Captain called her veterinarian back in Texas to ask for advice. We used the medications we had available to us approved by the veterinarian to treat her. We groomed her and gave her all the love we could. The transformation she has made is remarkable! She’s healthy and happy and loves the new home she has been given. She’s put on weight and looks like a completely different dog than the one we brought into our home nearly a month ago.

Snoop deserves a good home, a home which I am willing and prepared to give her. I am well aware of the cost to bring her home and I am prepared to shoulder the burden for the financial costs. Everyone knows how much I love this dog, and I have been researching and asking for all the help I can get to help get her back to the United States.

If anyone is interesting in making a contribution, please contact Bonnie Buckely at I have included her link where donations can be made for Snoop. Every little bit helps get her closer to home, and you can also see the tremendous work she has done for other soldiers to help bring home the mascots they love from various deployments. Even contributions of dog toys and treats for Snoop would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for all of your support! I appreciate any time taken out to process my request and help me in my plight to bring her home.
This is a great website to support, and, needless to say, I’m going to make a contribution to help Reiko bring Snoop home. If you’re in a charitable mood, I’d urge you to do likewise…


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