Thursday, December 01, 2005

2006 season White Sox Moves - Part 4

Hoorah – Paulie decides to stay with the Champs!

Great news today for White Sox fans as Paul Konerko announced he was going to accept the White Sox 5 year, $60 million offer to re-up. In a phone interview, he pointed to the recent acquisition of Jim Thome as a prime reason why he wanted to stay. Chalk up another one for Kenny Williams…

Konerko has been so consistent for the White Sox. A lot of players put on a salary drive; generating big numbers in the last year of their contract. For Paulie, last year (the last year in his old contract) was just a typical one for him. He’s practically a lock for 100+ rbi’s and 35+ home runs each year and he plays a fine first base. And his on-field batting and fielding performance during the 12 game run to the championship showed that he can do it when it really counts.

He’s such a rock for the team, too, never getting too high or too low. As I’ve written about before, he has shown tremendous grace under pressure. That presence of mind he displayed in the World Series, not getting upset at the fans for interfering with him when he tried to catch a foul ball and then having the grace to retrieve the ball from the field and take the time to find a child to hand it to, said everything one needed to know about his character. And if there was any lingering doubt, his handing the “World Series ball” to chairman Jerry Reinsdorf during the Sox celebration, should lay that to rest. He’s such a plus to the team in every way.

Now that the big signings are completed, we’ll have to wait and see if the White Sox are really going to go after Juan Pierre or will be content to have Brian Anderson join Podsednik and Dye in the outfield. Either way, I think we’ll be satisfied.

Only 123 days until April 2nd, Opening Day, 2006 - I can't wait!


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