Friday, December 02, 2005

Jay Leno’s interview with an Iranian astronaut…

On the Tonight show this evening, Jay Leno had his first interview with “Buzz” Mustafa, Iran’s first astronaut. This interview was done along the lines with the ones he occasionally does with “President Bush”. It was really funny, though definitely not PC. Some of the exchange;

Jay: “What are your plans in space?”
Mustafa: “We plan on having a hostage on the moon by 2020.”

Jay: “Are you going to plant a flag on the moon?”
Mustafa: “No, we’re going to burn the American flag that’s already there.”

Jay: “On your trip, what are you going to do for food?”
Mustafa: “I’m bringing a goat. Goat milk is very nutritious.”

Jay: “And what are you going to do for sex?”
Mustafa: “I told you, I’m bringing a goat. They’re very nurturing creatures. They’re good listeners, too”.

Really funny stuff. I’m looking forward to future interviews with “Buzz” (assuming the censors don’t stop them first).Iran really does have a space program. They’ve put one satellite in orbit (sent there by a Russian launcher) and have ambitious plans to do much more. The current status of their program can be found here.

They certainly have the capability as they’re rich and educated. Iran also is a country that feels very isolated and wants to do what it can to protect itself – satellite monitoring capabilities are high on their list of desires. They live next to a sea of Arabs, are at death-odds with Israel, have already suffered one unwanted change of leadership with help from the American CIA (many Americans forget this and wonder why Iran is so paranoid) and are deathly afraid of the 150,000+ American troops next door in Iraq. And, as Robert Heinlein pointed out many years ago, the laws of Physics work for everyone, not just Americans.

Anyway, here’s to “Buzz” – long may he continue to provide entertainment for us…

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