Monday, January 09, 2006

An American in North Korea

I met Don Parrish many years ago when I got involved in Libertarian activities in DuPage County; Don was a founding member of the DuPage Libertarian Club. I’ve spent about 10 years of my life overseas and have visited many countries (probably around 40), but am not in Don’s league as a tourist – he is a long-time member of the Travelers Century Club; an organization of people who have visited at least 100 countries.

He recently returned from a visit to The Hermit Kingdom, North Korea, and has posted an absolutely fascinating account of his travels here. In addition to an excellent description of the trip and analysis of the North Korean culture, Don has also included many, many pictures. I’ve taken the liberty of posting two of them.

Don with two North Korean Sales Ladies

The Arirang Games, with their "Human Pixel Screen"

Visiting his North Korea trip page or just his website in general is a very enjoyable experience. Thanks, Don, for sharing this with us.

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