Thursday, January 19, 2006

Prostate Surgery - Best Wishes

I’ve received several emails and Blogger comments wishing me “Best of luck”, “You are in our prayers”, “I’m sure you’ll do great”, etc. Each and every one is greatly appreciated.

Last night I received a “best wishes” email that I wanted to share with everyone. It was from my friend, Dan O'C. Dan’s a dentist and a pretty bright guy. He’s also a bit leery of authority (saying that he’s a conspiracy buff is like saying that Richard Petty knows how to drive a car). Here’s the email message he sent me;

Hi Ted good luck with treatment you'll need it remember the M.D.s are all quacks. I know, I went to the same diploma mills.
Sure gives you a warm-fuzzy, doesn’t it?

This email reminded me of an incident I experienced in Saudi Arabia many years ago. I was working at the Saudi Investment Bank as their chief technology dude. The day after I had been promoted to Senior Manager, I received a phone call from a fellow employee, Gerhardt Vosshall, a German national. Gerhardt personified all of the negative stereotypes associated with Germans; he was rude, arrogant, overbearing and a real PITA to work with. Like most people in the bank, I soon learned to avoid him if at all possible.

We had little to do with each other, so this phone call from him was a bit of a surprise. Without saying hello, he launched into this long soliloquy about how the Saudi’s really felt about foreigners. The Saudi’s might be all politeness and smiles on the surface, he said, but underneath they hated our guts, resented our presence, and couldn’t wait for the day to come when they would “get even”. Gerhardt told me that when that day arrived, all foreigners working at the bank would be lined up outside the bank building and shot, starting with the Americans. However, this only applied to those of us who were at a Senior Manager level or higher and, therefore, “Congratulations on your promotion!” He then hung up.

More warm-fuzzies…

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