Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Prostate Surgery update - Preoperative Instructions

Today I received my “Preoperative Instructions for a Robotically-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy" in the mail. There are 5 things I need to do/not do before the surgery;
1. For a minimum of TEN days before your scheduled surgery, you must avoid taking ANY aspirin, aspirin-containing products or a variety of other medications that can thin your blood and increase the risk of bleeding (see attached sheet).
The attached sheet contains a list of 50 or more medications that I must be careful to avoid. The most interesting is Vitamin E (>800 U/day). I take Vitamin E as part of my vitamin regimen and obviously will have to go off that for a bit.
2. You will need to call our office to schedule a postoperative visit with your surgeon, usually 7-14 days following surgery. PLEASE specify that this is a POSTOPERATIVE visit so that adequate time will be allowed for the appointment. You will schedule an x-ray exam at Central DuPage Hospital (called a cystogram) on the day of your appointment, and you will need to bring copies of your x-ray films to your appointment. These x-rays will help determine if your urethral catheter will be removed at the time of that appointment.
I’m SO looking forward to the catheter – it promises to be great fun.
3. You should bring an adult diaper, pull-up or other type of absorbent protection to your postoperative visit since your urinary control is unpredictable following catheter removal.
No comment necessary.
4. TWO DAYS before surgery you will begin a CLEAR LIQUID diet. Apple juice, jello, sherbert, cranberry juice, coffee (without milk or cream), tea (without milk or cream), bouillon, soda pop and popsicles are acceptable. You should avoid milk, orange juice, tomato juice and prune juice, and you should not have any solid foods.
Beer is a liquid.
5. On the DAY BEFORE surgery, you will need to take 45 cc of Fleets Phospho-Soda at approximately 8 A.M. and again at 8 P.M. You can purchase this at any Walgreen’s, Osco, etc.

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