Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Surgery plus two weeks...

Two weeks ago, today, I had my surgery. It’s hard to believe it was so long ago – time flies when you’re having fun :)

Overall, I’d rate my status as “OK and improving”. I’m still low on energy, but it is coming back – the iron supplements plus lots of sleep plus time is doing the trick, I think. Going to the bathroom is still an adventure, sometimes a painful adventure, but I expect it to get better in the near future. I see my urologist a week from Thursday and by that time, hopefully, I’ll not have much to complain about.

Shortly before I had surgery, I received an email from a good friend of mine, Cal Skinner. Cal has this habit of using only the title/subject line of an email to convey whatever message he wants. The body of the email is empty - a bit disconcerting at times. The subject of this particular email was;

Early is good. Where is temp folder?

The “Early is good” phrase was in response to his learning that my surgery was scheduled early in the morning (Cal believes that the surgeons are more awake in the morning). The “Where is temp folder” refers to something totally different – asking me where the “temp” folder is on his hard drive as he had some files in there he needed to retrieve. Anyway, the subject of his email reminded me of a joke told to me by someone I used to work for.

Ira Rosenstein was on his death-bed. His wife asked if he had any last requests. He told her “Please make sure that my obituary is printed in the New York Times.” Being a frugal wife, she demurred. He kept bugging her to do this, but she refused to agree. Soon after, Mr. Rosenstein passed away. After a couple of days, Mrs. Rosenstein began receiving phone calls from Ira’s friends, asking when his obituary notice would appear in the NY Times. She kept telling them it wasn’t going to appear, but after she had received numerous and ever-more-insistent phone calls, she finally relented and called the Obituary department at the NY Times. The conversation went something like this;

NYT – “Obituary Department, may I help you?”

Mrs. R – “I want to print a notice about my husband’s death.”

NYT – “Oh, I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. What would you like the announcement to say?”

Mrs. R – “Just print this; ‘Rosenstein is dead.’”

NYT – Silence. Then, “Are you sure that’s all, not anything about what a loving husband he was or great father he was or…”

Mrs R. – “No, just print ‘Rosenstein is dead’”.

NYT – More silence. Then, “Well ma’am, there is a 6 word minimum. You can get three more words printed for no extra charge. Are you sure that’s all you want to say?”

Mrs. R was silent for a few moments as she thought about whether or not there was anything additional she wanted to say. Finally she replied “OK, print this; ‘Rosenstein is dead. Oldsmobile for sale’”.

I thought it was funny…

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