Wednesday, March 15, 2006

’06 World Baseball Classic – Round 2 update 2

Once again, the Americans need help to advance. It's getting to be an old story and this time, I’m afraid the help may not be there. If Japan beats Korea and allows less than 7 runs in the process, Team USA is going home, regardless of how they do against Mexico. If Korea beats Japan and the Americans win, then Team USA will advance.

I’m through short-changing and disrespecting the Koreans – this team is for real. I’ve watched them play a couple of times now and they win by emphasizing fundamentals, practicing team play, getting excellent pitching, playing stellar defense and, of course, the occasional home run helps too. Hmmm, kind of sounds like the White Sox last year, doesn’t it?

The Americans have to be rooting for the Koreans tomorrow night. If Korea and Team USA wins, the Americans will have the added bonus of being able to play them in the semis – hopefully with revenge in mind. And, I think we’d better quit throwing Dontrelle Willis out there – this guy just isn’t ready yet.

On the other side, the Dominicans advanced, as I expected, but they did so by sending my other pick, the Venezuelans, back home. The game tonight between Puerto Rico and Cuba should be pretty good. No predictions (I’ve already been wrong once in this bracket and once is enough), but if the Puerto Rican bats don’t wake up tonight, they’re going to go home too. In a way, that would be cool – the Cubans would then advance to the semis, played in the US. Another nightmare for Castro; maybe the Sox can pick up another pitcher…

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