Saturday, March 18, 2006

’06 World Baseball Classic – Semifinal predictions

Both of these games are tough to predict, but I have to go with the Dominican Republic and Korea.

The Dominicans have beaten the Cubans once and I think they have the deepest team in the tournament. But I don’t feel comfortable with this pick at all. The Cubans are playing inspired baseball – they clearly really want to win it all. I won’t be at all surprised if they win this game, but I’m sticking with the Dominicans.

On the other side, and as I had written in an earlier post, I’m through disrespecting the Koreans. This team is for real, they are undefeated in this tournament for a reason, and that is why I’m picking them to beat Japan. It is really tough to beat a good team, like the Japanese, three times in a row. But I think the Koreans will do it.

You know, if the Cubans and the Koreans win, the finals will be played with very few Major Leaguers; none on the Cuban side and only a few on the Korean side. One has to think about what that means for Major League baseball, and especially calling its ultimate event “The World Series.” More on this later.

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