Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Surgery plus four weeks...

Four weeks (plus one day) since my surgery. I’d now rate my condition as “Good and improving”. There are times now when I can go for a few hours and have totally forgotten the fact that I just had surgery. No pain or discomfort, no constant urge to go to the bathroom, normal energy levels, etc. It’s not perfect yet, but it certainly is getting better.

There was a study released about two weeks ago, comparing Prostate cancer patients who had treatment (surgery or radiation) vs. those who did not (“watchful waiting”). The summary of the study was that those patients who had treatment lived an average of 13 more years while those who did not lived an average or 10 more years. This is good, but I, personally, plan on living a lot longer than 13 more years. That would only make me 69, and I don’t plan on leaving this life that soon. I would have liked to have seen that study differentiate between those patients opting for surgery. vs. those who had radiation, but, alas, they did not do so.

I've come across another study, released just last week, which links obesity to the recurrence of prostate cancer for those people who have had their prostate removed (like me). I certainly could stand to lose some pounds and so I have become much more serious about my health. The occurrence of cancer and subsequent surgery certainly indicated to me that I had to make changes in my life style, and this latest study just emphasizes the fact. My youngest daughter has been bugging me to get a treadmill for some time so last week I ordered one. It was delivered yesterday and so now I have one less excuse to get back into shape.

It’s funny what a mind game junk food is. Before the surgery, I would have a hard time looking at ice cream or chocolate cake, etc., and not indulge. Now I’m not even tempted. I’ve dropped nearly 20 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I’m sure the liquid diet that I was on in the hospital for a few days had something to do with it, but I’ve lost weight since I’ve returned home, too. Another 30 pounds and I’ll be back in reasonable shape.

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